Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography is celebrating you,  creating photographic artworks of your beautiful self for years to come.

Originally a French term for a women’s private salon boudoir is sexy, sensual photography with  glamorous outfits, like corsets, baby-doll, suspenders, high heels, boots, stockings, whatever you feel wonderfully attractive  in.

When I originally researched for this new style , I wanted something to empower women.

Femininity is beautiful, sensual and  powerful and all women have a natural beauty that is unique  and with the use of gentle lighting ,and working with you to make you feel comfortable , I create your unique elegant self.

So feel beautiful and sensual again, get that confidence boost and  let us capture your Boudoir Style.

A Boudoir Photo-shoot makes a wonderful  gift for a partner , so Contact Me , and we can arrange  your unique boudoir photo-shoot .

Sharon Alva Photography | Boudoir Photography Wollongong

Here are a few of my favourites some special ladies have allowed me to share