Pregnancy Milk Bath with Samantha

Ive been hearing a lot about” Milk Bath Photography” lately so I thought I,d do my own research about this latest increasingly popular trend in pregnancy photography.

Why bath in milk ?  well its actually older than I thought .

Cleopatra , not only  wise but very beautiful , took milk baths.

More recently Mariah Carey takes milk baths and Whoopi Goldburg has actually been photographed by Annie Leibovitz taking a milk bath.

Also in Hollywood , remember”Snow white and the huntsman ? , Charlize Theron playing Queen Ravenna was filmed taking a milk bath.


A milk bath will leave you feeling soft and supple , its an inexpensive beauty trend actually, a few litres of milk in some warm water , maybe some honey and some essential oils  and you will feel hydrated and relaxed .

The protein and fat is moisturising and the lactic acid will act as a natural exfoliate.

In pregnancy , why wouldn’t women want to feel beautiful and sexy, add some flowers and you have some beautiful photography compositions.

So I thought I,d get on board with this increasingly popular trend , but with a slight difference .

I just happen to be on secluded acreage , so why not outdoor.

So below I would like to share my indoor and outdoor milk bath creations with my beautiful  model and  mother to be Samantha .

Samantha actually introduced me to this beautiful photography art and I am very thankful to her for being a wonderful model and soon to be mum , and for allowing me to share these images.


 Firstly the Milk Bath in the Bush


Sharon Trejbal Photography | Milk bathSharon Trejbal Photography | Pregnancy milk bath in the bush



And next the Pregnancy milk bath inside my beautiful bath


Sharon Trejbal Photography| Pregnancy Milk Bath MacarthurSharon Trejbal Photography |Milk bath in PregnancySharon Trejbal Photography | Pregnancy milk bath photographySharon Trejbal Photography| Pregnancy Milk bathSharon Trejbal Photography | Milk bath photography


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